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So yeah. College is a thing. And since I’m a music major (and a music therapy major, no less), I have about three million classes (okay, so it’s 9, but that’s still a lot) and I’m in two choirs and I CANNOT DEAL. I’m so busy it’s not even an exageration, I have literally no time to spend on the internet. An I have 8am and 9am classes 4 times a week and usually 4 classes a day and sometimes I don’t have time to eat lunch. I still love it though. I must be insane, but I love it.

So yeah. Just an explaination as to why I have kinda disapeared off the internet… but heeeeeyyyyyy how are ya’ll doing? ;)


“You listen to K-pop? You mean like Gangnam Style?”

“Why do you like it if you can’t understand it?”

“Wtf they all look the same!”

“Aw! They’re like One Direction!”

“You’re not even Japanese or whatever they are!”


please stop